More Stoves

Deryk Macleod sent me a few more links for boat heaters.

The above Shipmate stove is a real beauty and looks very practical for heat and cooking.

Salamander makes some great looking glass front stoves for small spaces.  The above is the “Hobbit” model.  Below is the tiny “Pipsqueak”.


I’m happy to find more and more alternatives available for heating small spaces without needing electricity or a propane source.  The boating community has kept this technology alive and available.  Used with care these are a great alternative to grid-tied heaters.


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archaeologist, archer, primitive technologist, and wannabee musician ... mostly
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3 Responses to More Stoves

  1. Sean Nolan says:

    here is an affordable boat stove option depending on need for heat and/or cooking

    Philadelphia PA

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