Classic Liquid Fuel Stoves

A look at the origins and evolution of our favorite camp stove... This post was going to be a few words about the Primus stoves we all love and some images I've collected from around the web.  As usual, I found myself rambling all over the topic without a clear direction but here is a … Continue reading Classic Liquid Fuel Stoves

Camp Stoves: Optimus 80

Continuing on with the theme of admiration for the classic camp stoves, here is a visual overview of the Optimus 80 / Svea 71.  No, they are not exactly the same, but are very close and share virtually all the same features.  For those interested in the early history of the liquid fuel camping stove, … Continue reading Camp Stoves: Optimus 80

Camp Stoves: Optimus 8R

Just some eye candy of the Optimus 8R.  Battered, grungy, and well-used, much like it's owner.  I really wanted one of these back in the mid-1980s.  Since I was bumming around and using air travel, I went to a butane cartridge stove instead.  For those interested in the early history of the liquid fuel camping … Continue reading Camp Stoves: Optimus 8R

Camp Stoves: The Svea 123

Arguably the pinnacle of white gas stove design.  My little Svea 123.  It is essentially a brass fuel tank and a burner; a Molotov Cocktail with a valve.  And it comes in one of my favorite colors, shiny brass.  During a recent extended power outage, I used this guy on my electric stove top for … Continue reading Camp Stoves: The Svea 123

Primus Stove Accessories

 "Do you ever Hunt? Fish? Paddle a Canoe? Explore? Prospect? Climb Hills or Sail on a Yacht?"  Such was the opening line on an 1899 advertisement for Primus stoves.  That covers just about anybody of worth that I know.  Of course you need a stove.  Buck up and buy one (that means you Jim).  The … Continue reading Primus Stove Accessories

More Stoves

Deryk Macleod sent me a few more links for boat heaters. The above Shipmate stove is a real beauty and looks very practical for heat and cooking. Salamander makes some great looking glass front stoves for small spaces.  The above is the "Hobbit" model.  Below is the tiny "Pipsqueak".   I'm happy to find more … Continue reading More Stoves

Stove Options

When I was designing the Vardo, I considered several heating options, including no heat at all.  I went with the current Four-Dog tent stove because I already owned it and the size was pretty good for the space I had.  However, I am still considering better options to increase floor space in the Vardo. Initially, … Continue reading Stove Options