Here is something to keep in mind when learning a new skill.

​I firmly believe that in Preindustrial Societies*, the onus of learning was on the pupil at least as much as on the teacher.  Anyone who wants to succeed will find a way to learn.

Observe carefully,

try your absolute best,

learn from your mistakes,

repeat ten thousand times,

teach others…

Real learning is an active endeavor.  We learn best by carefully observing and doing.  There will be failures.  There will be frustration and tears.  Not everything will be obvious nor will the reason for every step be readily apparent.  It is not the duty of the teacher to drag every unwilling pupil along nor argue every point to their satisfaction every step of the way.  Failure is not something to fear but is something to learn from.

If you don’t like the teacher or the methods, learn to live with it or find another teacher. Stop complaining.

GT Crawford

*and therefore most societies for our time on Earth

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