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Another Early Bicycle

“Any Boy can learn himself to ride in a few hours…” I am a fan of cycling and have a special place in my heart for the old contraptions from the early days.  Based on the enormous price, the one … Continue reading

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What on Earth is a Gymnacyclidium?

WHAT THE HELL IS A GYMNACYCLIDIUM YOU ASK? (no, it’s not some mysterious bit of anatomy you should have learned about in health class!). Now that’s quite a velocipede indeed!  Instead, I guess we all just decided that bicycle was … Continue reading

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The Bicycle Machines of Guatamala

I wrote a little something about this a while back; see the post about the Bicimáquinas.  Matt, from Makeshift sent me this link and asked me to share it.  Have a look.  It is pretty inspiring to see Makers of … Continue reading

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Camper Bicycle

I would love a human-powered world with creatures like this filling our highways, quietly and without belching exhaust into the air.  Maybe we wouldn’t need to expend all our resources and youth expanding the empire to secure our ever-growing need … Continue reading

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The Micro Airstream Bike Camper

Paul Elkins seems to be quite an inventor and a talented Maker.  Here is an ingenious and practical shelter he created that weighs only 45 pounds (20 kg). Tiny indeed but I love the low profile.  Wind resistance is everything … Continue reading

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