House Trucks from the Early 1970s

Rolling homes go back almost as far as rolling vehicles and the modern era of motor driven cars is not an exception.  If you have followed this blog at all you may have seen some great contraptions, especially from the 1920s and 30s.  The counter-culture of the 1960s lead to a generation of rolling home […]

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Scout Staff Hiking Stick

Sometimes I wish carrying a walking stick was more acceptable in daily life. Maybe it’s just my yeoman heritage or my fondness for the old ways… To do so now, you tend to either look like a hoodlum or the walking wounded.  Living for so long in wild country I found that a staff was […]

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Pipes, Varnish, and More

I have not been entirely idle on the vardo project but have not had time to post here.  Work life has been eating up my spare time with travel, and fun though that may be, it means nothing else gets done outside the work day.  Cutting a hole in my nice, dry roof haunted me […]

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Real World Construction

I saw this on Tumblr and absolutely couldn’t pass it up.  All I can find about this image is that it comes from the famous Farm Security Administration photos documenting the depression. This appears to have started life as another wagon, maybe even a delivery van or bus but has been repaired beyond recognition.  I […]

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Historic Image Today

While I’m back to spending the daylight hours toiling for my regular job, I’ve queued up a few historic images to keep the caravanning dream fresh and alive.  Actually, my job isn’t that bad at all, just occupying the hours when I could be doing some better stuff. More about this remarkable Scotsman HERE.

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Detailed to the Last Dollar

Not a pretty little Victorian-style caravan here today but a sturdy, well-thought-out modern living accommodation for someone looking to escape the mortgage anchor most of us have felt. Here is an extremely well-documented van conversion into a very frugal but comfortable micro house created in 38 days from 2014-2015.  Sean (the builder) has done a […]

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