More Stoves

Deryk Macleod sent me a few more links for boat heaters.

The above Shipmate stove is a real beauty and looks very practical for heat and cooking.

Salamander makes some great looking glass front stoves for small spaces.  The above is the “Hobbit” model.  Below is the tiny “Pipsqueak”.


I’m happy to find more and more alternatives available for heating small spaces without needing electricity or a propane source.  The boating community has kept this technology alive and available.  Used with care these are a great alternative to grid-tied heaters.

Stove Options

When I was designing the Vardo, I considered several heating options, including no heat at all.  I went with the current Four-Dog tent stove because I already owned it and the size was pretty good for the space I had.  However, I am still considering better options to increase floor space in the Vardo.

The stove as it is today.

Initially, I set up the stove and adjacent counter at the same height to use as work surfaces when not in use for heat.  Since the great majority of the time spent in the wagon is without a need for heat the surface is very handy but the stove uses a large amount of the limited floor space.  Below are a few options I am considering.

The above stove is a “Sardine” stove designed for heating the cabin of a fishing boat.  These are wonderful little stoves but a bit too costly for my taste.  Click the image to see their website including their larger model “The Little Cod”.

Diesel cabin heaters.

Another option is diesel or kerosene heaters.  These are commonly used in the boating community and work well in small spaces.  I think these are a fine option and very efficient but cannot work without access to purchased fuel.

My preferred option right now is a Cozy Cabin Solid Fuel heater (above) as it mounts directly to the wall and is much smaller than the tent stove.  The stove is the heart of the wagon, especially in cold, wet climates so it should meet your needs as closely as possible without too much weight or size.  After spending so much time in my wagon, I think its time to move down in size and up in technology to a wall mount heater.

To be continued…