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Donate Button with Credit Cards*The cause, in this case, is to escape the ridiculous and humdrum existence that is mid-level academia and dive full-time into the realm of pre-industrial craftsmanship in the modern world.  Please, do not feel obligated in any way by this option.  Friendly and supportive comments are just as welcome as any other donation.

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      1. Hi George – I was pleasantly surprised to see your entry on Wm. Sidney Mount . His painting Eel Spearing in Setauket is probably a fairly close image of the boat Henry Thoreau and brother built for the 2 weeks on Concord and Merrimack Rivers . Mount’s sympathetic portraits of Afro-Americans are in sharp contrast to contemporary lampoon images of others . Mount’s paintings can be seen at the Stony Brook Museum on Long Island which also has a great collection of antique horse drawn wagons including a Conestoga and gypsy caravan . I’ve given classes here in Stuart Florida to inner city elementary school students in making cigar box guitars and diddly bows , they were a big hit . Thanks for your articles ! Chris Englund

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