Note to self – № 3

"How we spend our days, is how we spend our lives." Annie Dillard A good daily reminder. What I did today was my choice: Chores, pleasure, work, rest... More of the same tomorrow. Source: Note to self – № 3


1930s Caravans in America

Here are a few interesting trailers from the Golden Age.  I hesitated to post these some time ago as I could not rediscover the website they came from.  I try my best to attribute images to their source.  Tools like Pinterest and Tumblr are great but the data is easily stripped away. This is interesting … Continue reading 1930s Caravans in America

Photographer – Nukshi Alice

From her ABOUT Page:  Nukshi is a documentary and portrait photographer and an artist living and working in Nottinghamshire. Her sensitivity to situations, culture and people, has allowed her to adapt well to new challenges and environments.  She captures her images by getting involved with people, their culture and lifestyle, which motivates her to preserve those times and moments.  Knowledge and empathy with … Continue reading Photographer – Nukshi Alice