Vardo – Topper Makeover

Because there’s always room for improvement.  In my case, a lot of improvement. Rehung siding, new paint, fresh varnish, little fixes, and lots of cleaning.  We’re hooked up to get out of town for a bit. Dietz lanterns, Kelly kettle, fuel, and lamp oil packed away in the pan box.  The steel disk serves as […]

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The Conklin House Bus

Roland and Mary Conklin of Huntington, N.Y., made house-car travel a family experience. Their bus factory built the Gypsy Van, shown above, and in the summer of 1915, the Conklin family set out to see America. Photo & caption courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution, the Huntington Historical Society (New York), and Home on the Road: […]

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Semi-Bowtop for Sale…

…and Some Other Nice Work Daphne at Daphne’s Caravans has been busy this summer and appears to have another beautiful wagon nearly ready to sell.  Her description is “all cedar, with a roof like a cedar strip canoe.  7′ long, 6′ wide at the ledge, and 6′ high in the centre.”  I presume the roof […]

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