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Weekend Sawbench

A Saw horse or a full-size workbench, for Hobbits? Living where I do, without a proper workshop, I have moved to a more portable setup.  Along with this, I have pared down by letting go a number of cumbersome tools.  … Continue reading

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Looking Back at the Horse

Tools and work benches always create lots of discussion and bring out opinions.  I am re-posting a couple pictures that feature my bodger horse as it has created a few new comments.  This horse has been slightly modified over the … Continue reading

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A New Horse

Here is a couple of photos of the new horse.  It is made up of mostly recycled and scrap wood.  If I am lucky enough to find time from work, I intend to put it to work on some bow … Continue reading

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More Work Horses

Here are more shaving (work) horses. I wish I had photos of my first horse. I liked it well enough but I made it short to fit cross-ways in a narrow truck. These are some better and later models… A … Continue reading

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Shaving Horse Plan

Here is an old set of plans I made for myself a long time ago. These are meant for dimensional lumber. This plan is for a short horse. If you are tall or don’t mind the extra length to transport, … Continue reading

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