More Work Horses

Here are more shaving (work) horses. I wish I had photos of my first horse. I liked it well enough but I made it short to fit cross-ways in a narrow truck. These are some better and later models…


A shiny new horse. Hickory arm and head, poplar cross-stretchers. Adjustable tilt table.


Another new horse. Square head and wider treadle to use easily with either or both feet.


Stopped tillering to take an “action” photo in the old shop.


Another action shot fixing the tiller on someone else’s bow at Winter Count. I wouldn’t normally have a stave leaning on the horse but the photographer insisted. I was just hoping it wouldn’t bean me with a very sharp draw-knife in my hand (hence the rasp).


Not my herd. I liked the simplicity of these made for a class at the Bois d’Arc Rendezvous. You could probably make one of these with nothing but well chosen scraps.

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