Looking Back at the Horse

Tools and work benches always create lots of discussion and bring out opinions.  I am re-posting a couple pictures that feature my bodger horse as it has created a few new comments.  This horse has been slightly modified over the years but is essentially the same as when it was made 5 or 6 years ago.  For most of what I do, this tool is just about perfect.  Comments are always welcome.

h1When I built this one, I had a full-size, long-bed truck.  Now, driving a smaller vehicle, I am considering re-engineering the whole thing to break down for packing.  If I stayed in one place regularly, this wouldn’t be a problem but I use it for teaching and demonstrations and is a little gangly to pack as is.  She traveled over 4000 miles with me this summer to a reenactment/demonstration and helped me teach a small woodworking class for a week.

h2Even though this one is just fine and went together quickly, the next time I build one I intend to fancy it up with some fancy joinery.

DSC_0126A work horse like this becomes the center of the portable workshop and can serve many purposes.

bodger15As I make modifications, I will update on this page as information on shaving horses is limited, even in the age of the internet.




About George Crawford

archaeologist, archer, primitive technologist, and wannabee musician ... mostly
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4 Responses to Looking Back at the Horse

  1. William Thompson says:

    Great job…

  2. tinderness says:

    I was thinking of building one for myself and therefore I am grateful for your post.

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