Leather Working Tote


I cleaned out my recently revamped tote that holds the my key leather working tools.  It was good to see the bottom of the box again and pull out the non-essential items.  The less used items have their own canvas tote bag of similar proportions.

dsc_0129-4The above photo shows how the handle removes to access the full box when working.  This old English design is seen on boxes like this through the colonial period in the Americas.

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Mallets and Other Simple Wooden Implements


Various hickory mallets and a spoon from Osage orange.

As I sort and cull my tools (and life) I want to share some past projects that may seem too simple to consider.  I am not always on the path to a handmade life but I’m also never far from it.

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Wooden Plates our Forefathers Used

A great old article about the evolution of the eating plate. Something I find myself surprisingly interested in.

Lost Art Press


GOLD and silver; earthenware, pewter and china, have, in different times and under different circumstances been used for plates. Our own forefathers relied on wood. From the earliest times to days well within living memory the wooden platter, the bowl, the drinking vessel, the spoon and even the knife and fork lay on the rude trestle table for daily meals.

Many countrymen recall the wooden implements of childhood mem­ory, and the writer himself remembers the flattened wood porridge plate and the coarse surfaced bowl of the wooden spoon.

Until early Tudor times the wooden platter was almost universal. Then, and for long before (indeed, too, for long afterwards) the common table was found in every home, the humblest stable boy “sup­ping with his titled lord.” His only dish might be a square wooden platter such as (A) in the illus­tration, whilst for anything approach­ing an implement such as a knife…

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Life is Short, Keep It in Perspective

Happy New Year one and all!

Here’s a bit of Stoic thought to help keep a perspective on reality…


“Let death and exile, and all other things which appear terrible, be daily before your eyes, but death chiefly; and you will never entertain any abject thought, nor too eagerly covet anything.”

– Epictetus



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Diego the Italian Huarachero

From the Huarache Blog, some great simple shoes in Italy:

Yesterday I met Diego Gervasio selling his Huaraches at the Santo Spirito Sunday Market in Florence on the 3rd Sunday of the month (on the 4th Sunday he sells in Rome). Diego makes his huaraches fr…

Source: Diego the Italian Huarachero

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