Leatherwork is Timeless

Images from Mendel, A.D. 1425.

I’m dedicating the next few weeks to my small leatherwork business. When I’m making things with my hands and simple tools, I feel a real connection with our ancestors. It’s nice to get lost in the projects and learn new techniques along the way. When I’m away from this portion of my world it seems that there is a lag when restarting as the hands and mind relearn their movements and the order of things.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to restock the Etsy store with some exciting goods while the weather is cold. I’m looking forward to spring and the time to get out into the wild to gather materials and supplies from nature; a much overlooked time-consumer for the primitive technology teacher. And just maybe, we’ll be able to gather together again soon to share our skills and camaraderie of our community.

In the mean time, keep well and keep on making.

3 thoughts on “Leatherwork is Timeless

  1. I have to head out to my shop, I have an idea to make a leather hat that fits on my bicycle helmet similar to my leather hat I wear normally LOL… yeah I am bored, recovering from a surprise double bypass I had in december. The surgeon asked me after the operation if I was an athlete because my legs are kinda muscular and he said my heart was a good size for my age and muscular. So I told him about I built an electric mountain bike and even moded out my back can tolerate my biking for an hour before I have to lay down but that hour is amazing, peddling around the tree’s and along side the canal’s we have here in NJ… so I enjoy the hell out of it and go take a nap in my little van. https://www.instagram.com/hermitage_leathers/

  2. If Covid will ever go away, I am hoping to show Scouts here in Oahu how to tan what began as Rawhide Dog Toys into leather using Eggs, Mayonnaise and Soap. The Troop has not met for nearly a year, so when they do start up again, they may have different priorities.

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