Prototyping a New Belt Pouch

I’m calling this one the Ranger Bag

It takes a lot of work to prototype a new bag design. To get just the right shape and proportion, find the right materials, and choose the appropriate construction technique is a big deal; especially if it’s going to be done well.

The completed prototype. I’m very happy with this design.

I wanted something that looked like it appeared out of the preindustrial world of the 18th century or before. As an archery person, I think I take my personal style from the “what would Robin Hood wear?” collection.  But honestly, this one owes much of its design to the military belt pouches of the early musket days.

What do I plan to use it for you ask?  I wanted something that would accommodate a few essentials including a fire kit, compass, notebook, spoon, whetstone and the like.

So if you follow along here you have seen several bags just like this one posted in the past year and so far, they have sold like hotcakes, as they say.  It is a popular shape, size, and design so I think this will become a mainstay in my shop.

It is a very adaptable design as well and could be fitted with internal pockets, a wrist strap or d-rings and become a clutch purse or removable backpack pocket in its own right.

It’s always nice when plans actually work.