Thoughts About “Right Living”

The great Philosophers have long thought about how to live a good life; good not only for ourselves but for the betterment of others and the world around us. One of the tenets of the Buddhist Eight-Fold Path is the concept of Right Living. I think this would have been far easier and less complex in the Ancient World since so much of our activity influences and is affected by events unseen and far away from our daily life. Few of us see our food grown or clothing made or even our children being educated. Here are some of my thoughts on Right Living:

Right Living

No one should suffer for your convenience.

You can live comfortably without sweatshop products.

Most things we want we don’t truly need.

Only a little effort is required to avoid unscrupulous food.

Choosing to not shop can be an act of defiance.

3:00 a.m. thoughts, GT Crawford

Things to consider…

  • Grow your own food.
    • Forage.
      • Grow a garden
        • Keep chickens.
          • Know the source.
            • Buy direct from the grower or maker.
              • Hunt and fish.
                • Make it yourself.
                  • Fix it.


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