Folding Stools and Table

I have had many requests for dimensions of the stools and table so I finally sucked it up and measured some things to include here.  The only ones apparently on the web cost money so here are my dimensions.  Please modify them to fit your style, needs, or lumber.  A little time with some graph … Continue reading Folding Stools and Table


A new design for the vardo world with the folding bow-top.  It has a great design as it will be light-weight yet roomy. Excellent details so far.  I can't wait to see it in person when we can "circle the wagons".  Click the photo or the link below to see more.


As if the evenings weren't busy enough.  I had the urge to create something large from leather.  This is probably my biggest project of this type to date.  It's a bit heavy compared to lightweight nylon of modern packs but it will probably outlive me. It took the better part of an oak tanned cow … Continue reading Backpack

Odds and Ends

I finally found the shaving mirror that was perfect for the wagon.  I have seen them in photos of other western wagons.  Local hardware and bath stores only had very cheesy, lightweight mirrors on folding arms.  After some internet searching, I found this one that had good reviews on Amazon.  It is sturdy and appears … Continue reading Odds and Ends

Test Run

Just returned from a 10 state 3400 mile shakedown run with the little Snail.  Fortunately, about 2/3rds of the trip was work-related so not all of the expense was mine.  Lots of ideas for finishing out the wagon over the winter. Click the photo for the Vardo page.

Yet Another Modern Vardo

  Another modern trailer vardo underway at "Vardo-a-go-go".  It looks to be built to slide into a cargo flatbed and will apparently be used as a recreation vehicle.  The design is a modified "American Vardo" from Timothy Lemke.  I think the greatest benefit of this plan is its extreme light-weightness and relatively simple construction.  Good … Continue reading Yet Another Modern Vardo

Vardo Table

Third try is the best.  After trying two other solutions for the table front, this is what I decided upon.  Oak with a simple brass sash pull.  Not very exciting I know, but still an important detail. The two visible screw heads will be plugged to hide them better.  I just haven't made it that … Continue reading Vardo Table

Finished Roof (nearly)

I finally put the final layer of roof on the vardo.  I suspect this will really help keep it cool in the sun. I still have quite a ways to go with paint and other exterior trim but my next focus is to finish installing the stove.  The plan is made, most of it has … Continue reading Finished Roof (nearly)