Peter Michael Bauer, a Portland-Based Re-Wilder

Peter-Logo3urbanscoutHe has a decent re-wilding/survival rant blog that leaves you wanting more.  How can you not like a guy with a road-kill squirrel puppet?  He doesn’t post much but what he does is well-done.

While you’re out that way, have a look at to get in on the conversation:


4 thoughts on “Peter Michael Bauer, a Portland-Based Re-Wilder

  1. I believe that this kind of sharing allows us to not re-invent the wheel, but take our de-education to the next level. And then there are some of us old folks 60s/70s craftspeople derailed by Reagonomics who need to see that all is not lost. I used to say things like – “I just want to be wilder,” years ago and felt misunderstood. A “wild child” was thought to be a hard partier and that was not what I meant at all. Actually, I long to find a tribe again. I am sick of being misunderstood. Thank God for blogs.

    1. Well said Rita. Finding your right tribe is truly like a homecoming. My closest friends and family by choice are located thousands of miles apart. We all grope along looking forward to our next meeting.

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