Early Style Camping Gear

Some of my camping gear mostly inspired by the period from 1745-1812, prior to major industrialization.
Some of my real-life camping gear mostly inspired by the period from 1745-1812, prior to major industrialization.

Starting in the upper left and moving more-or-less clockwise: small tomahawk, portmanteau, stoneware jug, braided buckskin cord, patch knife, buckskin bag for brass sundial compass, wool bonnet (tam o’shanter), trade bead necklace, small gourd for salt, pewter beer mug (could possibly hold water too), canteen gourd, Knife River flint blades, needle case and bone needles, strike-a-light and char-cloth box, wooden bowl and spoon, buckskin bag, bone handled eating knife, waterproofed leather bag, bark tanned belt pouch, buckskin neck bag containing spare fire kit, net shuttle holding hemp line, sewing kit in buckskin bag, wooden needle case with needles, argillite pipe with buckskin bag, fine hemp line, extra blanket pin, belt, pampooties (ghillie shoes), bamboo container containing larger bone awls and other bone tools, in the center, shoulder bag.

12 thoughts on “Early Style Camping Gear

  1. Yes what she doesn’t know cant hurt her! lol I’m really trying to convince myself that I need a custom built smoothbore trade gun.

    1. I used to be but now just on occasion for special events. My daughter is working as an interpretive ranger at a historic park and it has sparked my interest again. I do use a lot of this stuff in regular life.

      1. That’s really great! What’s park? Could I find on the web? I love living history! Ancient, Medieval, American Colonial Era, Napoleonic War, Second World War! Few years ago I reconstruct a ‘700 trapper for an historic festival! Usually in these festival I’m a soldier of communal medieval militia 😀 ! Again, Compliments for your stuff! Ciao!

      2. Thanks! I love the living history too. I find that the gear provides a lot of insight into a time when we had to make due for ourselves. I’m not with a park, just a loose knit bunch of people who like the same stuff. My daughter volunteers at Champoeg Park in Oregon and is really interested in the colonial western period right now.

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