A Much Needed Walk in the Woods

Before the cold weather came we were able to escape to one of my favorite places in the world. A little hidden corner of the Ozarks that has many fond memories for me.

Kyly the wonder dog got some much needed wilderness time as well. Of course, she always needs to be first down the trail.

I think she nearly forgot just how much she loves water, even if it was extremely cold. I think she swam back and forth about five times… just because.

It was also a much needed time in the woods for Stacey and I.  Even a quick trip into nature does something magical to reset the brain; no sounds of machinery, just the wind, the water, the trees, and the birds.

One of my favorite pastimes of old; just sitting and watching and listening.

When it finally came time for lunch and a nap, this little patch of ground served us all well.

And the view could not be beat.

Even with all the distractions, our girl needs a certain amount of “stick time” on every walk.  I think it is the obsessive need to work bred into these guys over so many generations.

And back into the water for a cool-down before we headed back.

Happy trails to you all.

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