Everyone Should Cultivate Manual Training

Does this mean we should neglect our intellect? Absolutely not.

In fact, the opposite. We should strive to cultivate both mind and body to become the most perfect specimen we can become, daily.

I came across this passage while reading a bit this morning from Amateur Joinery in the Home (1916) by George and Berthold Audsley and thought it would be worthwhile to share.

There is a lot of good advice here but the above sentences stuck with me while taking the morning walk. “One never knows when life or limb may depend on the expert use of the hand and ordinary tools.” This could be applied to so many facets of an interesting life and is the basis of human survival that has put us where we are for a million years.

I have been using the down time afforded us by the events of 2020 to catch up on an ever-growing list of books and articles I have been amassing for decades. When I was working in archaeology full-time, the hundreds of pages of reading most weeks necessary just to keep current pushed many other interests into side avenues. I hope you all are using your time in a way that works well for you. In the mean time, this book is available for anyone with an interest in tools and working with their hands. It may even inspire new projects.

Click here to download a pdf file of the book. Amateur Joinery in the Home.

3 thoughts on “Everyone Should Cultivate Manual Training

  1. Even short of life and limb are the every day maintence and chore skills we lack. Just keeping a roof on our houses has become quite the challenge. Most people are unaware that their roof has a life span that will call for work to be done let alone how that work is to be accomplished at a reasonable cost. The pandemic has brought go light, if your eyes can see, the greatest vulnerability of industrialization; the centralization of goods and processes. All the chickens are grown in one place and processed in one other so that all we have to do ixs buy, cook, and eat. I see people saying thaft farmers and ranchers should not just destroy what they have grown but that they should lst people come out and buy directly at their property. smh. I do see local ag stands and butcher shops doing well and practically being over run some days. I am helping my neighbor with his roof that should have been dealt with about 10 years ago. He, and hopefully some of his friends and associates, will have a new appreciation for upkeep. Time will tell.

  2. “This could be applied to so many facets of an interesting life”…should have stopped there.
    I’m afraid the rest of this sentence needs to be ‘worked out’ so to speak. I think our “basis for human suvival” is a tough concept. I appears to be ever changing, which means that we have not been in the same place for millions of years. Where do you think we ‘are’? Sorry, if this sounds critical, but I am interested.

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