A Carpenter’s Workshop

Someday, I’ll have one this nice again… Click the image for a much larger version. Advertisements

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Home Carpentry

Originally posted on Lost Art Press:
The woman who indulges in carpenter-work seldom does much harm. She contents herself with trying to drive nails into the wall, and with experiments with mucilage. She drives her nails with great caution, and when she has loosened an inch or two of plaster she becomes alarmed, and resolves…

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Joining Techniques for Building Houses, Barns, etc.

A selection of simple construction framing joints for building construction. These are all really just mortises or forms of notching.  These simple techniques can add a lot of value to your repertoire.  The internet shows so much excitement when these things are seen in Japanese joinery but let’s not forget that this technology was world-wide […]

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A Selection of Joining Techniques

A selection of simple lapping-joints for various purposes.  An essential part of any builder’s mental tool-kit. Advertisements

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Låg arbeidsbenk på Sogn Folkemuseum

Originally posted on Høvelbenk:
De Heibergske Samlinger – Sogn Folkemuseum har ei veldig rik samling av gjenstandar knytt til ulike handverk. Dei har ei flott utstilling av snikkarverktøy som er lagt til rette som ein verkstad med arbeidsbenkar og verktøy. I tillegg har dei mykje av samlinga si i gjenstandsmagasin. I dette magasinet kom…

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Carpenter, 15th-16th Century

Prior to power sawmills and corporate lumber production, much of the carpenter’s project time was filled with simply making trees into boards.  Most illustrations I have found of preindustrial carpenters feature someone hewing, planing, or chiseling with the occasional scene of sawing a board to length or width. An image or map is as much […]

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Yes, Please

What a nice little setup found while searching images on my computer.  Maybe from Lost Arts Press? Advertisements

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The Status of the Apprentice

Originally posted on Lost Art Press:
Let the boy learn a trade. Watch him at his work and at his play; study his likes and dislikes; place him in a position where he can exercise his talent— if he has any—or his creative genius. Place him where he can learn a trade for which he…

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