Carrot Soup ~1819

Great little recipe.

Convivial Supper

Carrot Soup Recipe.

Take a close look at this recipe and you’ll notice a small, but important, detail. A detail which may seem minor, but underscores the scope of genetic engineering, selective breeding, and the industrial food complex in altering our mental image of a carrot.

CarrotSoupRecipe_1819Source: American domestic cookery, formed on principles of economy, for the use of private families. 1819

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3 thoughts on “Carrot Soup ~1819

  1. I’ve never seen a red and yellow carrot. I do however make “Parrots” , steamed carrots and potatoes mashed the way you would potatoes with salt, and for those that can have it , butter and sour cream. Cooked carrots now just go in the blender hot to purée it into a thick soup.

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