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It’s Time for a Change, for the Better…

Hello all fellow travelers, campers, and makers who love the wilderness!  It’s time for a serious re-tooling of this blog and focusing on the important things in life.  In the coming days and weeks many posts and pages will change, … Continue reading

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Epictetus says:

Originally posted on The Müscleheaded Blog:
” The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you – whose presence calls forth your best .” 

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Traditional Handmade Mexican Burras and Boots by José Espino

Some great Burras y Boots on the Hurache Blog. More at the link below. Source: Traditional Handmade Mexican Burras and Boots by José Espino

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Long Term Classes

Originally posted on futurenecessities:
There are so many options out there these days. Whether you are looking for rewilding, Wilderness survival, Homesteading, How to survive the apocalypse, experimental archaeology, or whatever. You can choose a 4 hour class, a 1…

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More Ghillies

Originally posted on Paleotool's Weblog:
We had a small ghilie making class at the Bois d’Arc Rendezvous.  Maybe not as exciting as the arrow-making but it is a real and useful skill. Now those are sexy shoes!

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