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Long Term Classes

Originally posted on futurenecessities:
There are so many options out there these days. Whether you are looking for rewilding, Wilderness survival, Homesteading, How to survive the apocalypse, experimental archaeology, or whatever. You can choose a 4 hour class, a 1…

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More Ghillies

Originally posted on Paleotool's Weblog:
We had a small ghilie making class at the Bois d’Arc Rendezvous.  Maybe not as exciting as the arrow-making but it is a real and useful skill. Now those are sexy shoes!

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Wooden Plates our Forefathers Used

Originally posted on Lost Art Press:
GOLD and silver; earthenware, pewter and china, have, in different times and under different circumstances been used for plates. Our own forefathers relied on wood. From the earliest times to days well within living…

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Diego the Italian Huarachero

From the Huarache Blog, some great simple shoes in Italy: Yesterday I met Diego Gervasio selling his Huaraches at the Santo Spirito Sunday Market in Florence on the 3rd Sunday of the month (on the 4th Sunday he sells in … Continue reading

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You mean, like a career?

Originally posted on The Daily Skep:
Raise your hand if you’ve ever been there. I know I have. That moment when you think, “wow, I know I trained for a completely different career but wouldn’t it be great to just…

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