A Leather Purse and Wallet

Here is a shop update on a couple of the many leatherworking projects undertaken lately.   I decided to use up all the leather I have been storing and put it to good use.  I have about 100 projects I’d like to make for myself but the Yule season is coming, gifts are expected in many quarters, and we have an invite to show our wares at a local crafts fair.  So, without further fanfare…

A waxed leather bucket-style purse. I hear these are the rage in certain groups now. I remember seeing many in this style back in the 1980s coming out of Morocco and Spain.
And I decided to make a few bomb-proof wallets of various designs to go with it.

A surprising amount of work can go into even a relatively small project like this.

Temporarily gluing the welt to the bottom.
Sizing the bottom to the side before sewing.
The exposed welt after sewing and turning the bag.
Marking and punching the holes. Tiresome for the hands.
Choosing an appropriate lining; strong and beautiful.
Drawstring added, holding the leather edge biding while sewing.
The ‘ears’ for holding the shoulder strap sewn on, strap attached, and it is done!
The antler toggle helps keep the bag secure and adds a bit of primitive flash.
Difficult to photograph, but the liner gives the bag some class and a feeling of “completeness.”
This is a new traveler’s wallet design. Three pockets, large capacity to hold money, cards, and passport.
This one might be a bit too small to hold a check book but not a lot of us carry those these days.
The button stud is a favorite closure of mine as it is simple and effective without the need for a large hole.
After a quick buffing, the wax shines up nicely. This one should last a lifetime.

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