How to Travel at Home

This is a very well-written and insightful piece. Recommended reading.

Vagrant. Anonymous.

There are many travel blogs out there . . .

A lot of them will tell you about what it’s like to walk off a plane into some remote culture. The bliss that comes with eating fresh coconut on a beautiful beach in the Caribbean. You will read these things, and you will feel jealous. Wanderlust, itchy-feet, maybe you will relish their experience because it brings you back. It reminds you of the time when you were on a beach, eating a coconut, in the Caribbean.

These accounts are enthralling, informative, and entertaining. And if nothing else they can be a great gauge of privilege. Something the travel industry is steeped in. At times a piece will be riddled with outright prejudice and even more so with unacknowledged biases. All too often it seems that we are doing little more as ‘travel writers’ than unconsciously assisting neoliberalism in it’s attempt…

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