Colonel Thomas H. Monstery and the Use of the Quarterstaff

When this came to my attention I was very interested as I do generally carry a staff when hiking these days.  It has lessened the tension when encountering stray dogs, allowed me to poke into brush, distract rattlesnakes, etc. but I think it is severely underestimated as a tool and weapon of self defense in the modern era.  In America, we have an obsession with guns where anyone in possession, and I mean anyone, can slaughter a large number of people with little to no effort.  The fear mentality (from a people who allege to not fear for an afterlife) has grown to epic levels with inundation of “news” and violent entertainment disguised as media.

The staff, sword, and bow come from a little better era before we handed over our self protection to hired gunmen and made our own liberty.  The humble walking stick is a force to be reckoned with in the wild if you choose to learn to use it.

Have a look and learn some great stuff from Another Century.

Source: Colonel Thomas H. Monstery and the Use of the Quarterstaff

4 thoughts on “Colonel Thomas H. Monstery and the Use of the Quarterstaff

  1. Nice post!! There is an underestimated tradition of western martial art …if I could add to this list..There are also others beautiful late medieval manuscripts about this argument: for example the Italian “Flos Duellatorum” written by Fiore De Liberi and a german by Hans Talhoffer. These books are all round manuals of ‘scrima’, the art to fight with swords,daggers but also with walking stick or your bare hands! Ciao!

    1. Yes indeed. We sometimes forget our vast martial tradition of the West. We have mystified the Eastern Traditions an always love the exotic. I love our archery, escrima, quarterstaff, fencing, and so on. I love that it has had a serious revival of late.

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