When hunting backfires

A while back I came up on a hawk who appeared to have caught something.  Then suddenly there was a blur, some thrashing, and here’s what I saw when I got to it.  In wrestling, we would call that a reversal.  Who’s the boss now? I decided to break it up for the good of […]

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Some thoughts occurred recently while looking through some of my wildlife photos.  Especially how so many creatures really “fit” in their surroundings. I realize it is mostly for defense (or sometime offense) but it just makes more apparent how poorly most of us humans seems to fit our surroundings.  We want to distance ourselves from […]

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Southwest Washington

Our second week on the Portland area was primarily spent north of the Columbia River in Washington State.  Battle Ground, Vancouver, and a trip to Mount St Helen’s.  Although it was hot and dry most of the time, it was a relief after spending months in the Southwest on archaeological excavations. These photos are not […]

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Wildlife Battle

I was fortunate enough to see an amazing wildlife battle yesterday evening.  It was life at its rawest on the Llano Estacado.  I wanted to be an impartial observer but, being human, I stepped in and intervened.  I live in a rural area with a lot of wildlife including many raptors and snakes.  It is […]

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Snake in the Henhouse

This is the second one I have fished out in the last few weeks. I like having them around but these big ones eat too many eggs.  She was relocated well away from the house and will hopefully stay away for a while.

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Great Horned Owl

I took this photo last week.  I didn’t have a telephoto and I was just shooting some wider overviews.  This was mid-afternoon with the sun at her back. Not that dramatic with the world of exciting media but I was glad to get this.  I had to walk up on her slowly and hoped to […]

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I took this photo about two years ago. It is an amazing and enormous caterpillar on a willow shoot. It was longer than my finger and I think it is a Luna Moth.

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