Mike’s Gypsy Wagon

Mike is finishing up his remarkable vardo in the great white north.  He included a mollycroft in the roof which not only looks cool but should add a lot of light and headroom.  The front storage is accessible from the outside like a sheepherder and it will have an enormous bay window in the front.  As it comes along I hope he’ll write up more about the design and construction of the wagon.  With this wagon and Jack’s build last year, I think I’ll add a page to the header bar for “other vardos” so that they are easy to find on the blog.

Enjoy!  Hopefully more to come…

10 thoughts on “Mike’s Gypsy Wagon

  1. Very impressive! He should check ebay for some rectangular porthole windows for ventilation. I like the idea of the cupula/mollycroft top for that reason of heat rises, (and my current lil vardo has black roof lol) so would be easier to keep it comfortable in the summer. Mike did a Great Job! Lookin forward to seeing more pictures!

  2. I like this trailer design it has a very natural feel to it not just another cookie cutter trailer. I might need to borrow some ideas from this one. Does he have a site for this build as I’d like to get some of the dimensions

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