Growing Up on the Range…

(from the Paleotool vault) Here’s a great story I read years ago about being raised in a family of six in a sheep camp measuring about 7 x 8′! (I think that’s the floor space).  I recently relocated the article in Mother Earth News. Here’s an excerpt: “The canvas-covered sheep wagon was roughly about seven […]

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Wyoming Sheepherders Again

 (from the Paleotool vault) Sheep camps from Wyoming from the Wyoming Tales and Trails webpage.  Great photos and some good information concerning everything “western.” A self-contained base camp in a sheep wagon provides a cozy home on the prairie. A beautiful culmination of cultures a innovations created this iconic American living arrangement.  We can learn a […]

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Sheepherders’ Camps

Here are a few classic Sheep Camps from the Wyoming Tales and Trails webpage. There are some great photos and some good information on their web page.  I personally took a lot of inspiration from these resourceful and low-cost housing solutions. There’s a lot of other information and photos of western history here too.  Have a […]

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More from Deek

Derek Diedricksen at is always good for some inspirational offbeat home ideas.  Here’s a shot of the interior of a sheep wagon with a promise of more to come. Click the photo for the original post.

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Mike’s Gypsy Wagon

Mike is finishing up his remarkable vardo in the great white north.  He included a mollycroft in the roof which not only looks cool but should add a lot of light and headroom.  The front storage is accessible from the outside like a sheepherder and it will have an enormous bay window in the front. […]

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