Growing Up on the Range

A great story I read years ago about being raised in a family of six in a sheep camp measuring about 7 x 8′! (I think that’s the floor space).  I recently relocated the article in Mother Earth News.

Nice layout sketch of a sheep camp.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The canvas-covered sheep wagon was roughly about seven feet wide by eight feet long. On the front end a door opened out of the middle and you stepped down onto the wagon tongue and thence to the ground. From the inside looking out, the stove was on the left of the door. On the right was a small wash stand with several wooden drawers for storage of linens, towels and socks. A bucket of water and washbasin were on the oil cloth covered top and a small mirror hung above the basin for shaving. Soap, toothbrush, razor and essentials rested on top of the stand when in location or were stowed in a drawer when moving.”

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3 thoughts on “Growing Up on the Range

  1. Alone, or with someone your intimate with I could easily imagine it… with a family wow…but back in the day most people did live in smaller homes because of money. I was readin a little of the wizard of oz the other day, well Dorothy and her aunt and uncle lived in a 1 room house. It wasn’t that uncommon. Today people feel they need huge houses.

    About 10 years back I shared a duplex home with 2 friends and the unit next door went up for sale, and my roomate who owned the unit we lived in suggested I buy it and put a door between the 2 units…I told him I couldn’t imagine living in a 3 bedroom house with a basement and finished attic …too much space for me.

    Now I live in a 27 foot motor sailor boat and am quite happy. The tiny house movement is gaining alot of momentum because alot of people either cant afford a 300k+ house…or dont want to burden themself with the debt. If your not planning on haveing children, or they are grown and gone…how much space does a person really need? I could easily build a vardo 18-20 feet long by 7 feet wide and live comfortably in it with a shower and toilet and small kitchen and a couch to entertain around the wood stove. That works for me!

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