New Boots for the Young Lady

My daughter finally dove in and made her first pair of shoes, primarily from the instructions given by Mr Morris of Seamlyne Design.  I think it’s a fine tutorial for the uninitiated but would like to see a few photos along the way.  Anyway, they came out excellently and fit rather well.  Just FYI, they take about 10 square feet of leather as shown here.  Neither of us felt up to documenting the whole process but here are the basics.

Finished Boot, side.
Finished front.
Laying out the pattern.
Cutting out.
Cementing down the soles.

For durability, we added a rubber outsole of Soleflex (18 Iron). If you’re looking for a straight-forward tutorial on boot building, Mr Morris’ site is an excellent source.  Maybe I’ll make a pair later this summer and try to photo-document the process.

5 thoughts on “New Boots for the Young Lady

  1. Bill Morris of Seamlyne here. The boots look great! I’m working on a redesign of the footwear page with better illustrations and/or photos – and a change to a couple of the steps. It surprises me that people still read the page 🙂

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