Things of Value – From the New Escapologist

Below is a post from the New Escapologist:

What things are required for a pleasant life? Here are my answers.

– optimum health;

– as much free time as possible;

– a few dependable friendships;

– an appreciation of your existing surroundings (which can be enhanced through the basic study of astronomy, botany, architecture, culture, aesthetics, psychology, etc);

– sensual pleasure;

– the confidence to speak your mind in public (and a culture that won’t cause you problems when you do);

– purposeful and purposeless intellectual stimulation;

– a satisfying creative output, in which you have personal pride;

– a clean and dignified living space;

– a modicum of peer recognition;

– some good habits to be proud of;

– few dependencies;

– few secrets.

Not many of these things are commercially available.

Read his enlightening blog here.


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