New Paint

Here’s a preview pic of the new paint and some additions.

Just about ready for the road again.

Far from done, but this gives an idea of the new bling colors.  They don’t look quite this vibrant in real life but the camera really brings them out.

6 thoughts on “New Paint

  1. I only recently found your blog. I am very impressed by the Vardo, superb job. I like the traditonal way it looks, particularly the inside. I wonder how it would fare in the UK weather….

    1. I think it would fare fine. One advantage is the more consistent humidity, although much higher than my average on the Southern High Plains. I have about 10,000 miles on it now, much of it on the Pacific Coast and throughout the Midwestern US. Initially, I noticed some serious wood shrinkage on some of the pine boards but nothing bad enough to cause trouble. In many heavy rains, I have only had two small leaks and neither in the roof. The first was some water coming in around the opening bay window while driving at 70 mph in heavy rain and the second was a very small separation crack where the lower box meets the side wall, again, only expressing itself at highway speeds in rain. I have been in a 90 mph storm and it felt perfectly cozy. I believe the small size actually helps by presenting a small profile to the wind.

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