House Trucks Again

My appreciation for house trucks has grown immensely over the years.  It's not easy building a structure that is both light, strong, and wind-resistant.  Caravans, house trucks, and RVs have to undergo the rigors of hurricane weather every time they hit the road and still be light enough to be pulled.  If you are willing … Continue reading House Trucks Again

Quick and Dirty

This was a quick and dirty build we were talked into a couple of weeks ago.  I don't like to rush these things but the builder's time constraints meant this was the only week to get this done before the winter.  It does show that the basic build can be completed in a very short … Continue reading Quick and Dirty

Paint, Boxes, Many Upgrades

I recently added two new exterior storage boxes, a solar ventilator, painted most of the exterior, and added several new and handy things to the interior of the wagon in preparation for the next voyage.  Although I don't feel like the Snail has really traveled much yet, my recent tally of the trips over the … Continue reading Paint, Boxes, Many Upgrades

Nice Bow Top Vardo

This photo set documents the construction process very well.  Have a look if you want to see something that is very light weight and built well.  Click the photo or copy the link below for more.

Unimog vardo

H.A. sent me a couple of photos from his vardo build.  These were taken back in August.  It looks to be a beast of a wagon and is being towed by a unimog camper. Check out this and other photos on his friend's flickr page.

Plan B

Several people have asked for a detailed "how to" for building a vardo.  My suggestions are this.  Decide on your basic design wants.  Traditional or modern construction?  Consider size and weight (I went for the minimum of both).  Consider materials.  This will determine construction technique.  As for traditional or modern?  Go look at some used … Continue reading Plan B