Porch and Rack

A photo of the new “porch”.  I didn’t really need more sticking out in the back but it will serve as a bumper and handy surface I’m sure.

And a drying rack over the stove area.  The hooks will be useful for lanterns, tools, cookware, and wet socks.

With such limited space (about 50 sq. ft.) pegs, hooks, and little storage bins tucked away in all the furniture make all the difference.  Click either photo to get to the rest of the vardo photos.

8 thoughts on “Porch and Rack

  1. ok not really a question about the the porch or rack but your roof.

    is it particularly loud when it rains?

    really love your cabin, wish I had one of my own.

  2. No, its not too bad. The steel is screwed down tight to the roof which is plywood under heavy roof felt under heavy canvas. It muffles it quite a bit. It is louder when something like a branch whacks the side wall near the bed.

  3. I see it with chains, does the ‘porch’ hinge up like a tailgate ??
    Either way, Its a great to have a bench back there if for any other reason to remove ones muddy shoes…

    1. No. I initially considered that option (and still haven’t ruled it out for the future). I just needed something strong to support the cantilevered deck as it will take a lot of weight. Chains seemed like an obvious choice. Also, hooking to the eye-screws, this allowed me to get a very tight, precise tension by tightening the screws after fitting.

  4. I am pretty much copying your Vardo currently, with a few changes here and there. I had a question about the bed. How wide is it? and are you happy with the width?

    I am finished with the base and floor of my build, but I need to wait for some nice weather to put up the walls and such. I am currently building it in pieces in my basement. Yay, South Dakota weather!

    1. The bed is 30″ and opens up to 42″ in width. This is the width of two chaise lounge mattresses I use for a bed. The width is okay but could always be bigger. It was meant to be about 50″ but I decided to go minimal as it would only take a few minutes to add another board to the extension. I would love to see some pictures of your build. Good luck! I drove my wagon through South Dakota last fall. Up the east side, across NoDak and down the west side.

  5. Ahhh, I see! I didn’t notice that it would pull out until you said that. I made mine a fixed 36″ on the bottom bunk, and I plan to make the top one the same size. I don’t have my camera with me yet, but I’ll get it and take some photos this weekend. I need to start documenting my build process.

    Your build really inspired me to do this, and I still use your photos as a reference almost daily. I am very excited, as this is a cheap way for me to experiment with off grid / tiny houses, and it will give me a place to stay as I travel around.

    I live in West South Dakota, so you probably came pretty close by where I live. I teach on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation, about 30 miles from the badlands. I also own a home in the northern Black Hills so chances are pretty good you came near by one of those landmarks. Next time you come through let me know. I can show you around and you can show me your sweet Vardo.

    1. I am really glad it is a help. The reason I wanted to put this build online was that I couldn’t find much myself a few years ago. I know your area a little as I have spent quite a bit of time in central and western North Dakota working. I would love to be shown around. Thanks for the offer.

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