The Best Home-Built Ever

I love this little vehicle. A true 1920s work of art.

A Slow Moving Beauty

I don't really know anything about this beautiful rig but I like what I see.  A converted mower in front as a tow vehicle and it's pulling a little trailer of it's own behind.  If anyone knows any more about this one please let me know!  I found it on Tumblr but was able to … Continue reading A Slow Moving Beauty

A 1926 Home Built Camper Truck

An early tiny house on wheels... and a family selfie. The Library of Congress has some pretty amazing stuff.  I rarely find what I came for but I always find something pretty spectacular.  This house (click to enlarge) is quite a piece of woodworking.  Shingle siding all glass door, sturdy balcony, beautiful windows, under storage, … Continue reading A 1926 Home Built Camper Truck


A perfect rolling home. And a place for everything! The details here are remarkable including the decorative framing around the windows and planter boxes ... with plants!  I believe this sits on solid rubber teeth-rattling tires.  You can probably tell from the caption but this is apparently from Germany in 1922.  I wish I knew … Continue reading Finally…

Prius House

Experimental house on a Prius from Australia. What an odd combination.  I like it indeed.  The short article is HERE. "It provided a stylish place to sleep at the Meredith Music Festival in Victoria earlier this month while his fellow campers were forced to rough it in tents. “It’s quite well insulated in there. It’s … Continue reading Prius House

Camper Bicycle

I would love a human-powered world with creatures like this filling our highways, quietly and without belching exhaust into the air.  Maybe we wouldn't need to expend all our resources and youth expanding the empire to secure our ever-growing need for oil overseas. As things stand today, there are few roads you could safely travel … Continue reading Camper Bicycle

Awesome House-Car of the 1920s

Found on the Vintage Everyday blog.  It is thought to be from circa 1926 and is a real beauty.  It has some nice details as well.  The sign on the roof, lightning rods, and even a little chimney.  A great solution of one facing homelessness but still had the car.  Possibly a nightmare to drive?

Update from the vault: Vardo and Sheepherder Links

After several requests for information, here is my short list of inspirational sites found on the web.  Culling the web for Vardo style so you don't have to.  I will try to morph this into it's own page soon as a place to add more links as they become available. Romany and Traditional Style Sheepherder … Continue reading Update from the vault: Vardo and Sheepherder Links

Jay Nelson’s Constructs

In searching for home-built campers, there were very few images on the web just a few years ago.  Jay Nelson came up a few times over the years due to his ingenious building of structures onto existing vehicles, compact car, scooter, boat, and now a truck. It's my kind of work.  Low budget, simple, and … Continue reading Jay Nelson’s Constructs


I'm a big fan of Retro-Futuristic design.  Maybe that's why some of the better Steam Punk designs appeal to me.  I don't mean the stuff that's just hot-gluing old watch gears onto some leather or carrying a toy ray-gun around in an old-western holster.  I want art that can actually be part of our daily … Continue reading Retro-Futuristic

Maker Faire

Its almost surreal.  Somebody* is actually paying me money to drive the Vardo out to the Maker Faire in San Mateo next month.  Even with my old clunker truck, the small travel award will more than pay for the trip and I've been wanting to attend the Faire for several years now anyway, so his … Continue reading Maker Faire

Travel Shutters

I wanted to put up photos of the travel shutters.  As the windows face forward, they take a real beating on the road.  After solving the issue of covering three sides, the construction was pretty simple.  Being small, I was able to knock these together from scraps around the barn.

House Trucks Again

My appreciation for house trucks has grown immensely over the years.  It's not easy building a structure that is both light, strong, and wind-resistant.  Caravans, house trucks, and RVs have to undergo the rigors of hurricane weather every time they hit the road and still be light enough to be pulled.  If you are willing … Continue reading House Trucks Again

Quick and Dirty

This was a quick and dirty build we were talked into a couple of weeks ago.  I don't like to rush these things but the builder's time constraints meant this was the only week to get this done before the winter.  It does show that the basic build can be completed in a very short … Continue reading Quick and Dirty

Paint, Boxes, Many Upgrades

I recently added two new exterior storage boxes, a solar ventilator, painted most of the exterior, and added several new and handy things to the interior of the wagon in preparation for the next voyage.  Although I don't feel like the Snail has really traveled much yet, my recent tally of the trips over the … Continue reading Paint, Boxes, Many Upgrades

Nice Bow Top Vardo

This photo set documents the construction process very well.  Have a look if you want to see something that is very light weight and built well.  Click the photo or copy the link below for more.


A new design for the vardo world with the folding bow-top.  It has a great design as it will be light-weight yet roomy. Excellent details so far.  I can't wait to see it in person when we can "circle the wagons".  Click the photo or the link below to see more.

Porch and Rack

A photo of the new "porch".  I didn't really need more sticking out in the back but it will serve as a bumper and handy surface I'm sure. And a drying rack over the stove area.  The hooks will be useful for lanterns, tools, cookware, and wet socks. With such limited space (about 50 sq. … Continue reading Porch and Rack

Unimog vardo

H.A. sent me a couple of photos from his vardo build.  These were taken back in August.  It looks to be a beast of a wagon and is being towed by a unimog camper. Check out this and other photos on his friend's flickr page.

Odds and Ends

I finally found the shaving mirror that was perfect for the wagon.  I have seen them in photos of other western wagons.  Local hardware and bath stores only had very cheesy, lightweight mirrors on folding arms.  After some internet searching, I found this one that had good reviews on Amazon.  It is sturdy and appears … Continue reading Odds and Ends

Plan B

Several people have asked for a detailed "how to" for building a vardo.  My suggestions are this.  Decide on your basic design wants.  Traditional or modern construction?  Consider size and weight (I went for the minimum of both).  Consider materials.  This will determine construction technique.  As for traditional or modern?  Go look at some used … Continue reading Plan B

Lantern Shelf

After long thought and lots of head-scratching I think I figured out a decent way to hold a lantern on a shelf in the wagon.  I found some old steel brackets and installed the shelf over the stove.  This fits the newer "Blizzard" lanterns with the large tanks so I think all of my lanterns … Continue reading Lantern Shelf