Some Vardo and Sheepherder Links

After several requests for information, here is a short list of inspirational sites found on the web.

Romany Style

Wagons – Romany Road

Gypsy caravan

Gypsy Vans by Roth


Tinker’s Wagon pictures from friends & fun photos on webshots

Two New Gypsy Waggons pictures from horses photos on webshots

Gypsy Caravans from The Gypsy Caravan Company

Gypsy Caravans

Windy Smithy

Ingham and Fallon – Caravan Restoration and painting

Vardo Page

French Style

RouléRêve : vente et fabrication de roulottes artisanales en bois

Roulotte de cirque, roulottes à vendre, plan de roulotte gitane

Graine de Roulotte: Artisan créateur et restaurateur de Roulottes

les Verdines, Roulottes Gitanes en Provence – Jeanne Bayol – Saint Remy de Provence

Acheter une roulotte Réalisation de roulotte en bois, vente et location de roulotte pour vos vacances.

Sheep Herder Wagons

Sheep Wagons

Custom Sheepwagons and Chuckwagons from Livingston, Montana

Custom built, Restored Sheepwagons, Sheep herder camps

sheepwagons,woolywagons,campwagons – Home



Moore Ranch – Richter Wagons

Dorset Shepherd’s Hut

Housetruck: Housetruck [Polymecca]

Ranch Willow Wagons – Sheepwagons and custom wagon design and restoration

Interesting mix of Traveler vehicles

Traveller Vehicles – Trucks, Buses and Wagons :: Traveller Homes

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