1930s Caravans in America

travel-trailerHere are a few interesting trailers from the Golden Age.  I hesitated to post these some time ago as I could not rediscover the website they came from.  I try my best to attribute images to their source.  Tools like Pinterest and Tumblr are great but the data is easily stripped away.

trailer-familyThis is interesting stuff but I wish we had a glimpse inside these creatures “in use.”  It’s easy to stage a photo but I appreciate it when we can see how the space is actually used.

trailer-lifeThe awning or tent is the best addition you can make to your Vardo home.  Look for more great vintage images here on the Old Picture of the Day Blog.

3 thoughts on “1930s Caravans in America

  1. Have a look here:
    “In the 1930s and early 1940s, a small group of immensely talented photographers, working for the federal government’s Farm Security Administration [FSA], invented the visual language of the great American road trip. […] All photos are from the Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information Collection at the Library of Congress.”

    I used Google Image Search on the third image.

  2. Hi George. One of these photos is a Covered Wagon. It is 1936 or earlier because it is covered in leatherette. We collect vintage trailers and have a 1936 that we do camp in. We have 12 trailers that range from 1932 to 1960. Our Covered Wagon was owned by the original family until 1998. It was parked in an airplane hanger from 1951 on. The leatherette disintegrated and the trim pieces were not kept by the previous owner. We are going to replace it but will have to fabricate it. The interior is in original condition and is pretty spectacular given its age. Email me if you’d like pictures.

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