Låg arbeidsbenk på Sogn Folkemuseum

I think I may have found a portable bench design that works for me and the small bench top I’ve been saving. (Pardon the poor translation; it is a mix of Google translator and my best effort).

The Heiberg Collections – Sogn Folk Museum has a very rich collection of objects related to various crafts.  They have a beautiful display of carpenter’s tools that have been displayed to resemble a workshop with workbench and tools. In addition, they have much of this collection in the collection.  In this book I came across a workbench that woke my interest.  The bench has registration number DHS.3884. The bench is at a height so  to sit on, 46 cm high (18 inches) and about 1.5 meters (60 inches) long.  In one end there is a vise and the other end there is a screw clamp with crank.

I will start drawing up plans when I get a chance.


De Heibergske Samlinger – Sogn Folkemuseum har ei veldig rik samling av gjenstandar knytt til ulike handverk. Dei har ei flott utstilling av snikkarverktøy som er lagt til rette som ein verkstad med arbeidsbenkar og verktøy. I tillegg har dei mykje av samlinga si i gjenstandsmagasin. I dette magasinet kom eg over ein arbeidsbenk som vekte mi interesse. Benken har registreringsnummer DHS.3884.  Benken er i høgd slik at han er til å sitje på, 46 cm høg og ca 1,5 meter lang. I eine enden er det ei baktang og i andre enden er det ei skruklemme med sveiv.

Arbeidsbenken slik han står på magasinet på museet. Foto: Roald Renmælmo Arbeidsbenken slik han står på magasinet på museet. Foto: Roald Renmælmo

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7 Responses to Låg arbeidsbenk på Sogn Folkemuseum

  1. I am glad that you found this bench interesting. There is a small translation problem and that could need some editing? This part: “In addition, they have much of this collection in the guidebook. In this book I came across a workbench that woke my interest.” Is not correct. There is no guidebook of the collection. I write in Norwegian that much of the collection are in storage. That means that the items are not on display. I guess google translate used on the Norwegian word “magasin” resulted in the English term “magazine”, close to guidebook. However, the word “magasin” could also have other meanings. In this case it means the room or building where the collection not on display are stored.

    It would be very nice if you plan to build a bench like this. I believe it could be nice as a portable bench as it makes use of your body weight to be stable, similar as a shaving horse.

    Regards Roald

  2. I have made an update on the text on the original post. I have found that the bench where used by a clogmaker.

    Regards Roald

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