Some thoughts occurred recently while looking through some of my wildlife photos.  Especially how so many creatures really “fit” in their surroundings.

Horned lizard in the driveway gravel.
Horned lizard in the driveway gravel.

I realize it is mostly for defense (or sometime offense) but it just makes more apparent how poorly most of us humans seems to fit our surroundings.  We want to distance ourselves from dirt and sand and smells of nature and cover our scents with industrial chemicals and our flesh with cheap, poorly made clothes.

TreeFrogNo point to this ramble really, other than to note the feeling of discord with our surroundings while displacing those who may fit in better.

GopherSnakeCropI currently live in a fairly harsh place; a marginal land overrun with industrial agriculture.  A land of extremes where creatures are in constant struggle for water or food.  Yet we survive, and hopefully learn to harmonize and not run counter to the way of the earth.


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