Car Camping – bathing in camp

For most of human history we have moved across the surface of the Earth as more-or-less self-contained units. Rarely alone and generally with all the stuff we owned. Obviously, this was before the age of Consumption as a way of life.I love to see the details; the wash basin, table and chair, the little mirror... … Continue reading Car Camping – bathing in camp

Travel Essentials

This is part of an ongoing theme to document travel and camping gear that has served me over the years.  These will be mirrored on the Traveler's Gear page as I get them up. As a traveler, primitive technologist, peaceful survivalist, affected provincial,  long-time Idler, and sometime field scientist I find the necessity for a … Continue reading Travel Essentials

Touring the Oregon Coast

It was great to escape the heat, dust, and chaos that is my normal life these days.  Oregon was everything I hoped for and more.  The Pacific air brought back many good memories and made me yearn again to live near this amazing coast. The weather was perfect, the water was cold, and the seafood … Continue reading Touring the Oregon Coast

American Nomads

I never really classed myself as a "nomad" when I was young and traveled a lot.  It was more like I was just traveling to see things.  I was fortunate.  Though not wealthy, I was able to spend a lot of time in the American Midwest, camping and canoeing much of the Ozarks, bicycling southern … Continue reading American Nomads