Traveler’s Gear

Here is an ongoing selection of gear I’ve acquired, made, or find useful in travel.  I will try to limit this to things I actually use and are specifically for camping.  Much of it will be “classic” stuff but I make no attempt to portray a “period” of history.  I live in the world as it is but I tend toward the older, often simpler, high quality goods of the past.

Questions, ideas, and submissions are definitely welcome.


My “Possibles” Field Bag.


This is most of the contents from the above bag; mostly things I don’t like to be without. Clockwise (more-or-less) from the upper left: Brunton pocket compass with signal mirror, Moleskine notebook, pencil, folding knife, whetstone with bag, belt knife, wooden spoon, 550 paracord, insulated mug, hand lens, sunglasses.


Above is my Svea 123R by Optimus.  A design dating back to the mid-1950s that has withstood the test of time.  Like others from my generation, I strayed into canister fuels and more high-tech alternatives but came back to this through a mixture of nostalgia and a sense of the aesthetic in this simple little beauty.

I picked this up on a whim and it has made me very happy.  The Optimus 80 is based on (almost exactly copied from) the highly successful Primus 71.  Possibly the only stove I have owned to actually work better than the Svea 123.  The canister is a little awkward but makes for a clever design nonetheless.   More about this acquisition can be found in an earlier blog post.

DSC_0007 (3) DSC_0004 (1)

With a gasoline stove you must carry a funnel.  For years I had a nice little tinned one I picked up somewhere many years ago.  One day, while haunting a little antique store in Lubbock, Texas, I saw this little gem sitting on a shelf, tarnished until it was almost unrecognizable.  I gave $4 for it and put it back into commission for it’s next stage in existence.


Some of my camping gear based on the period from about 1745 – 1812.



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