Possibles Bag

Finished!  It’s hard to gauge work time but I estimate about eight hours of stitching.  There is one inside patch pocket, an outside rear pocket, and a gusseted pocket under the flap.  Eleven pieces plus the strap (four pieces).  Hardware includes a one inch bridle buckle, a 5/8″ buckle, and two solid one inch “D” rings.

Dimensions: the body of the bag is 9 x 10″ with a gusset exposed at 1″.  Reenforced ears, riveted for strength.  All stitching is two needle saddle stitch, except the body, which is laced.  Three pockets, and a 1 1/4″ shoulder strap, adjustable by about 12″.  Now, what to keep in it…

Author’s note: for a look at how to construct a bag of this type, have a look here.


4 thoughts on “Possibles Bag

  1. Nice job there, Paleotool. I am tempted to make one like that for myself! I make quite a bit of leather stuff, and like you I found that I haven’t kept anything nice for me either. How thick is the leather you used on on this bag?

    1. Thanks, I can’t remember what this hide was but its about 4 mm thick (4/5 oz.?). It was a sale hide, beautiful looking but an import. My concern with that is I hear about strange chemicals used in some tanning processes. I just looked at your work. Nice stuff. I have a weakness for good knives.

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