Weaving Wagon

This is an excellent idea, especially for a skilled willow weaver.

If you need a bicycle wagon and can get a lightweight frame built, this seems to be a great, eye-catching option.  I suggest watching the short videos on their site as well.  I find their site somewhat difficult to navigate, but who am I to talk with all the clutter around here?

Here is a quick link to the video about the Weaving Wagon:

Click here for their full post  about the Weaving Wagon and I suggest looking around.  They have some neat stuff going on.

https://earthanddotcom.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/20170604_163142-collage.jpg?w=1000I think I would really love to have something like this.

2 thoughts on “Weaving Wagon

  1. I like the idea of it…Wonderful!!!

    I have done similar out of necessity in woven wood panel 網代 (Ajiro) and picket splits in the past for similar garden related needs…

    I’m lost why they didn’t go…”all out”…Unless (??) this was a salvaged frame they just reused the panels on…That’s a cool repurposing if the reason a metal frame was used instead of all wood…OR, I’m just jealous that I can’t work aluminum the way I would like to…LMAO!!!

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