Making a Stitching Pony

I have needed a stitching pony for a long time now…

The two-hour stitching pony.

Like so many other undone projects, this one has been stirring around in my head for several years.  Since my efforts have been so focused on sewing leather lately, the time had come for a new and useful tool in the shop.  I’ve looked at plenty stitching horses and ponies over the years and even used a few n person so I understood the basics of what I needed and began eyeing up the scrap pile for obvious parts.

Not absolutely necessary, but it’s nice to be able to open the jaws fully.

I decided to keep the project simple, small, and portable while making as few purchases as possible.  I was able to gather up the lumber, leather, hinge, screws, glue, and tacks in just a few minutes and get to work.  Power tools make jobs like this easy so the boards were quickly ripped, cut, and clamped up to dry overnight.  A little cleanup in the morning yielded a working model suggesting a few minor changes.  The opening of the throat was widened by 1/2″and I decided a longer bolt would be useful for fat projects.

This meant a trip to the actual hardware store setting the project bill up to $1.07 with a total work time of about two hours.  We’re good to go…

8 thoughts on “Making a Stitching Pony

  1. I like it…Down and dirty…getting the job done…

    My 2¢…If you make another go more “old school” and traditional:

    Wood pintle style hinge instead of metal hinge…Wedge slided tenon or wedged chuck tightening mechanism instead of modern bolt …changeable head clamp for different work types…

    1. I appreciate the sentiment. This was a “quickie” project and I didn’t care to spend too much time on it this go round. I hope make a real and traditional stitching horse sometime. I’ve collected a load of plans and photos for them and can’t wait to have one. I just found a bodger in England who made a beauty that folds down entirely for travel yet is truly traditional.

    1. Hey George…I would love to see a post about what you have collected on these!!! I’m close to a point of riving out stock from a large White Ash that will form a shaving horse design I have been wanting to replicate ever since I worked on it at one of my teachers shops. He was (at one time) an Old Order Amish member, but left after his wife’s death. His “horse” had a back rest and all manner of “add on” stuff…including…a type of stitching pony. Redesigning it to be easier to break down would be great. I really would enjoy seeing what other forms you have examples of…Especially that traditional folding type!!!. That would be awesome!!!

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