Appropriate bedding…

8 thoughts on “Blankets

  1. More please!!!

    The repurpose nicely into Coats too!!!

    Or…into Window Quilts (take that modern Anderson window company…and “suck on it!!!”…LOL)

    They are also great for leggings, buckskin liners, and don’t forget mittens!!! They can also be folded and sewn onto the bottom of modern second hand synthetic sleeping bags as built in ground cloth. If you then “stiff stitch” a quilt pattern into a section and cover the bag, you can create a pretty massively bombproof bivy system for your bedroll…I I could just dribble on all night…

    Thanks again George!!!


    1. Thanks Jay. I’ve been sleeping in these two, pinned together with brass blanket pins for years. My daughter sewed her first capote from a surplus blanket when she was about twelve. We are huge fans and pick these blankets up every time we see them.

  2. Hi George.

    these blankets look really pretty. i believe they can fit nicely in one of my rucksack portmanteaus. where can i buy them? and what is their actual name?

    1. The top two are Hudson Bay blankets and the other is an old, maybe Scottish plaid. One was a gift, I found the red one at an estate auction hidden in a big pile of cheap bedding, and the other I bought 25 years ago in Iowa. Good NATO surplus blankets are affordable and can be found on the internet.

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