Primitive Fishing

My fishing kit is coming together and I added another hook and leader last night.

DSC_0124 (6)

The left hook and gorge are made from deer cannon bone (metacarpal) and the right is whitetail deer antler.  The antler hooks are proving to be tougher and less likely to snap under tension.  The leaders here are yucca and stronger than I would have thought.  Hopefully, we can test them out sometime very soon.

4 thoughts on “Primitive Fishing

  1. Very nice fishing kit. What else are you thinking about adding?
    I found a mess of stingray carcasses local fishermen left on the beach and so harvested a few of the stingers. They look like they’d make excellent harpoons or even net needles. Thank you for the advice on the antler hooks being sturdier. They take a lot of work so it’s nice to hear the comparison.

    1. I have a low tech fishing kit which is in the style of what we called a hobo kit as a kid. I’m slowly replacing the bits and pieces with all handmade stuff. I have three more hooks, smaller and larger roughed out, I am reworking a cast net that I started years ago and never finished, and I need to make more floats and sinkers. Also, I’m learning how to make a proper seine net. It just takes so much time.

  2. Nice! Just about to leave trapline for housesitting back North, but did tie into another half dozen or so fat Brook Char on gorge and cactus thorn. Bit more fun than average fishing. Only thing that maybe is of use is tying gorge slightly off centre to maybe help toggle like harpoon head? Have fun!

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