Knife Sheath

I realize this isn’t the most exiting project of the year but a necessary one nonetheless.  My knife sheath for the “regular” camp knife was a sloppily done remake of the original.  The knife maker did an excellent job on the knife itself but the sheath wasn’t up to the standard of this fine tool.

DSC_0131 (4)

No surprisingly, I have quite a lot of leather around for small projects like this so after some searching I chose a very thick and solid, wax stuffed leather that was batch dyed a very dark brown.  For durability I decided to rivet this sheath with brass which makes for fairly quick work as well.  The only real issue is getting the fit just right; tight enough to hold upside down but loose enough to come out when called upon.DSC_0127 (12)

After construction, a bit of hot water was poured over the body to shrink it up a bit and the well-oiled knife left in it for form-fitting.  Now, we’re ready for the woods again.

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