More Cigar Box Guitar

Greg, over at Hillbilly Daiku is always posting great stuff.  There is too much good information out there and not enough time to take it all in while still leading a creative and fulfilling life so it takes me a while to catch up.  I was just reading this excellent post about something dear to my heart; handmade music and cigar box guitars (CBGs). I am still a newbie in the low-tech, no-holds-barred world of this iconic American instrument but I am studiously working on my second one now.

DSC_0001 (11)
My first CBG.  Image links to description of the construction.

Not only is Greg a great woodworker and occasional philosopher but is quite gifted as an illustrator and draftsman as well.  I suggest you get to his blog and peruse his fine work, starting with this post about how to build a cigar box guitar.

I don’t remember the first time I saw or heard a cigar box guitar. I’m sure it must have been on YouTube though. Like many of my projects, the seed was planted somewhere along the way and finally broke to the surface. So, what is a cigar box guitar? Well, it is exactly what it […]

via Homemade Music-Part 1 — HILLBILLY DAIKU

N.B. there is a follow-up post and a quick link to the second half of the project HERE.

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